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About Elnett L'Oréal Paris Hairsprays

Elnett L'Oréal Paris Hairsprays

Unfortunately, as a result of custom restrictions it is not possible to order these products at the moment directly from the store. If you are interested in placing an order please Contact Us »

Why is Elnett a perfect hairspray for all styles?

It's ideal for styling and restyling hair, straightening, curling and creating volume to sculpt the perfect hairstyle. Elnett spray is ultra-fine so you can hardly see it or feel it.

How to use

  • Remove the security tab and shake can.
  • Spray from about 30cm away from the hair. The micro-diffusion spray ensures that Elnett mist distributes evenly over the hair.

Elnett FAQ

What is its secret?

Elnett sprays micro-fine particles so hair does not get stuck together and stays soft. Your hair sets without stiffness. Lightly brush your hair to remove the hairspray.

What can you achieve with Elnett?

With Elnett, you can achieve a perfect, long-lasting hairstyle. The result is immediate thanks to its ultra-fast dry time.

Why do women choose Elnett?

Elnett is so versatile, working in all hair types to create & hold your desired hair style for any occasion, while leaving your hair feeling clean, soft & shiny at the stroke of a brush.

Source: L'Oréal Paris official website »